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Passion for Beautiful
Fine Jewelry

Get to know the story and the people behind the Deenie and Flip brand. A resilient family business that’s focused on quality, passion and service.

“Small batch designs give a more personal touch to our jewelry pieces.”

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Ethical Handmade Jewelry

We love and care for the environment, we recycle all of our metals so none is wasted.

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Exceptional Craftsmanship

With a touch of our Southern spirit, each piece has a story of its craftsmanship.

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The Magic of Gemstones

Gem-setting is the discipline that allows our handcrafted jewelry to be endowed with precious and semi-precious stones.

Our Story

As African American twin sisters growing up in the 1950’s South, our lifelong love affair with baubles and beads began in childhood. We loved to play in our grandmother’s jewelry box.

While life presented a detour with our careers as wives, mothers, and physicians, we never lost the passion for beautiful jewelry. Our hobby has now become our post-retirement career. “Deenie’s” focus is on artisan, handmade sterling silver and 18k gold and semi-precious stone jewelry design.

In addition to her artisan, sterling silver work, “Flip” continues her love of baubles and beads in her use of genuine semi-precious stones, pearls and sterling silver or gold accents in her design. Each design is made with love. We hope you enjoy our jewelry as much as we enjoy making the pieces for you

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5 Star Service

We have many happy customers. Read their stories on our testimonials page or head over to our Google profile to read all our fabulous reviews.

Sterling Silver and Gold

Our handcrafted jewelry pieces are made with the highest quality of metals that are always nickel-free and skin-friendly. Deenie and Flip handcrafted jewelry pieces are not plated. Our unique handmade jewelry is suitable for everyday use, you can show and sleep comfortably in your Deenie and Flip handmade jewelry.

We are always here to help!

As a small business with a customer-first philosophy, we are always reachable through our email at [email protected] and we absolutely love seeing you tag us in your Instagram stories and photos!